Korean idol dating ban, list of entertainment company that puts ban on idol s dating kpopmap

When trainees are finally chosen to debut in new groups, they will face a new setting of personalities created by the company to cater the entertainment market. Junhyeok seems to take his girlfriend's side and was even disclosed to say he will fight against the company for her. Idols are presented as wholesome, family friendly, innocent people, which caters to the korea conservative ways not entirely of course. They might never realize that Oppa can date who he wants. Each member of an idol group has his or her own character to play and therefore an important part of their job duties is to maintain that temperament in any kind of exposure they may get.

List of Entertainment Company That Puts Ban On Idol s Dating Kpopmap

Does it take long time to come up with all those questions? Should dating not be a scandal or do Idols have to uphold an image for their fans? This isn't exclusive to idols though, vacation hookup app just any entertainment that needs to sell something to a particular audience. Want to join in on the discussion?

K-Pop Dating Ban for K-Pop Idols good or bad

It was the main reason I was so happy for Kai when it was revealed he was dating Krystal. Does a dating ban encourage a possessive relationship, some K-Pop Fans seem to have? The problem is exacerbated due to the higher rigidity of gender norms in contemporary Korean society. Relationships for some in general can be a distraction, And considering the strict training periods and schedule with, you wouldn't want your artist distracted. The girl he dated causes problems.

Or does this ban protect Idols from crazy saesangs, etc too? Of course, that's not including the possibility that they're dating in secret. Entertainment companies in Korea use a boot-camp system in grooming their idols. The investment on a potential trainee could be expensive. It's Good because those idols will get less into scandals and the knetz won't lose their shit again.

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To answer the question, no one really gives a fuck of bans because everyone secretly becomes a rebel. But on top of all of that most idols are busy, and the company wants them focusing on making it. Do you think that Idols who can't sacrifice something for the sake of their passion of dreams don't deserve to be K-Pop Idols?

When they first able to meet all the groups there are fans of they could get carried away. But its not like any of my artists follows it anyway. They usually work for a mainstream entertainment agency and have undergone extensive training in dance, vocals, how to buy dating and foreign language. There are reason's why the dating ban is understandable for business purposes.

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Idol Dating on Kpopmap

As for me agreeing or diagreeing with the dating bans. Hong Kong University Press. Scandals cause discord within the fandom itself rather than outside it.

The illusion to a point has to be kept up for the a number of years or least till they make it ahead of the groups they debuted alongside or make themselves reconisable within their industry. There have been criticisms on the sexual objectification of female and male idols across the industry. They shouldn't have to hold back for immature fans who can't handle it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do you think that I'm dating a K-Pop Idol secretly right now and banging her behind your back?

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But I seriously don't want to support it either because they are human and wanting human companionship is a normal thing. Is it okay or only after a couple of years? You must log in to post here. One reason in particular would be focused on building a fanbase. BigBlueagain Super Rookie.

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K-Pop Dating Ban for K-Pop Idols good or bad

Members of groups are frequently retired and replaced with fresh trainees when their age or musical inclinations begin to pose a problem. Others are street-cast or scouted without auditioning, based on looks or potential talent. Or is this too cruel, are Idols just humans too? How long would you ban K-Pop Idols from dating if at all?

The Korean Wave has led to a global rise in interest in Korean idols, along with other aspects of Korean culture including Korean films and K-dramas being exported to other parts of the globe. There are also negative connotations of idols within independent and underground Korean music scenes. The survival, and training and regulation take precedence over natural talent in the production of Korean idols. Oh thought of one more, Idol determination and work focus. There are K-Pop companies which ban their K-Pop Idols from dating, some for a couple of years, others maybe for their whole K-Pop career, how do you feel about this?

  • As far as i know dating ban are usually for the first couple years.
  • Boi I got no time to read this.
  • This is a good question worth thinking about.
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Even if they don't have a dating ban, society won't change. Not to mention she wasn't keeping it down that she's dating Junhyeok. So I see why a company would want a dating ban. Another thing is that there are some seniors in the industry immediately go after rookies, and abuse their title as sunbaes where rookies have to listen to them.

How many idols do you think are or have to secretly date because of this? Share your thoughts Discuss. Bad because fans never even owned that idol and have no right in deciding on who he dates. Hundreds of candidates each day attend the global auditions held by Korean entertainment agencies to perform for the chance of becoming a trainee. Hence you can't feed the emotional instability if you are clearly involved because it would not seem genuine.

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Though I don't support that gross type of behavior because fans do not own idols and shouldn't be given the satisfaction in knowing their idol isn't dating because they have fans. He's so stressed and busy, how to pick a he needs someone on the sidelines who he can snuggle up to on his worst nights. Which would bring a whole lot more shit if they were found out. Do K-Pop Idols have to hide their sexual orientation too? Plus it is actually incredible how devoted fans can be.

Idol stars cry out over dating ban

Multiple votes are allowed. Once a trainee enters the system, they are regulated in multiple aspects including personal life for example, dating to body conditions and visual appearances. Entertainment, as part of a concept labelled cultural technology.

  1. Even though I don't even like Taeyeon.
  2. Individual artists Idol groups.
  3. Those who successfully pass this audition stage are offered long-term contracts with the entertainment company.
  4. It's human nature, no one can change it.

Not focusing on a relationship and also keeping that relationship secret. Employee If you don't want to get fired, don't go against your boss unless you have leverage. Do you also think that only heterosexual relationships are okay in South Korea's society and that Idols can only date the opposite sex? Do they have no real priorities by not being able to delay dating and their love life for a while for the sake of their career?

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